Friday, 29 January 2016

Pantone Colours of the year 2016

   Hello fellow fashion people!
     It has been a fairly long time since I've made a post (nearly two years, ahh!) and a lot has happened since then.   I started this blog to keep in touch with my love for fashion and the desire to do what I love;  design and create garments.  Since my last post I feel I have grown so much as a designer and as a person.    I have tried new things and pushed myself outside of my comfort zone.   I've done pieces for an artist, Matt Leblanc;  ball gowns and a costume for him for an amazing show he puts on every year featuring costumes with his painted art on the fabric.  I've also had the pleasure of making a jacket, something I had never done before, for the talented and wonderful singer, Serena Ryder, as part of Red Dress show.  Lastly, I did a collaboration with a local surface designer, Dee Wilkie.  Meeting was sort of meant to be.  I was a seeking unique fabric and she needed a designer. She hand dyes beautiful silk creations.    We both have this passion for our art and motivate each other.  We called our line "ADRARA", a combo of both our names.    I also worked with her and other local talent on a show called "SEVEN", something I will cover in a later post.   We are currently working on a project, so stay tuned!
     On top of all that, I'm a mother!  This new little person in my life has changed everything, especially how I feel towards my love of fashion and designing.  When I look at him I want to work harder and show him what it is to have a dream and to give it all you've got.  The best part is I think he could be a little fashion fella himself!  He loves watching fashion shows with least I think he does.  He usually stares at the television with a mesmerized look on his face. We also "dance"  to runway music at times!

   These past couple years I've  learned that if I believe in myself, I can do it!  Yes I was exhausted, especially since I was working full time and only had evenings and weekends but it was worth it.   It helped me realize that with the right dedication and passion, anything can be accomplished.  Someone once told me "The only thing standing in your way, is you".

     On to my first post in a long time.  I wanted to start off with something nice and easy.  New year, new Pantone colours!

     Every year Pantone puts out its colour of the year.   This colour is found on the runways, usually more prominent than most, as well as in home decor and accessories.  This year however, they have not one, but two; Rose Quartz and Serenity.  
These colours are a perfect balance of warm and cool.  Rose Quartz is warm like rosy cheeks and Serenity is cool like a tranquil blue sky.  With a world full of every day stresses, these two colours bring some kind of peaceful feeling.  They look great alone, paired together or even with another colour that would compliment.

With Rose Quartz and Serenity available in everything from clothing to nail polish, how will you utilize the colours of the year to best represent you? 

Happy weekend everyone and don't forget to bring your own style to the table!

Yours Fashionably,

Adrienne :)  

Pantone Colours of the year 2016

Christopher Kane satin dress
1,165 CAD -

Rose quartz necklace
32 CAD -

Leaf throw pillow
52 CAD -

Oakley Forehand rose quartz
145 CAD -

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